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Materialien - 50/50 Jersey

Glein 50/50

SOFT      &

Our 50/50 Jersey was developed in collaboration with one of the world's leading textile mills for innovative natural fiber yarns.

50% LENZING™ Modal makes our 50/50 Jersey exceptionally soft and breathable. The smooth Modal fiber feels pleasantly soft against the skin and wicks moisture away better than cotton, resulting in less sweating and preventing odors in everyday wear.


LENZING™ Modal is derived 100% from European beechwood and is significantly more resource-efficient than cotton. This is ensured through sustainable raw material sourcing, responsible water management, the minimization of fossil energy sources, and a complete circular economy. One drawback of the smooth Modal fiber is that it doesn't intertwine as strongly, which can lead to more pilling, making pure Modal textiles less robust.


50% organic cotton gives our 50/50 Jersey the necessary durability to last for several years in everyday use. We spin an above-average thick yarn into a textured jersey. This special material combination makes our jersey the perfect year-round companion. Breathable and cooling in the summer, pleasantly soft and warming in the winter.



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