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Materialien - Merinowolle

Glein Heavy

SOFT &         

Our Heavy Merino products are made from 100% extra-fine, mulesing-free Merino wool and are crafted in an exceptionally heavy quality. The fibers of our Merino wool are extra-fine, which prevents irritation to the skin and feels pleasantly soft.


Due to its strong crimping, the fiber insulates against both cold and heat. It can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture, releasing it back into the surrounding air, thereby effectively regulating body temperature.


The wool's natural fat content, known as lanolin, makes it naturally water and dirt repellent. The surface of the fibers, resembling roof tiles, provides natural protection against bacteria.

When wool products are hung out in the fresh air, they quickly regain their freshness. This reduces the need for excessive washing and helps conserve resources.