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Materialien - Vacchetta

Glein Vacchetta


So-called Vacchetta is vegetable-tanned, natural leather. It is tanned and dyed in barrels based on centuries-old craftsmanship traditions using oak bark and chestnuts. Unlike most conventional leathers, its surface is not lacquered but only refined with an emulsion of natural waxes and oils. This particularly gentle manufacturing process preserves many of the leather's natural characteristics.

Vacchetta darkens when exposed to UV radiation, becomes increasingly supple with use, and develops a unique patina. This, in turn, makes the leather very durable as it naturally regenerates surface scratches and slowly incorporates stains into its character. Due to its natural state, each Vacchetta product inherently possesses an individual surface texture.


Only European, high-quality raw hides derived from ethically raised cows, as by-products of milk and meat production, are used for our Vacchetta. The tannery is located in Tuscany and has been producing exclusively high-quality vegetable-tanned leather since the 1970s.