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Ankle Boots

198 €





  • Mineral tanned calf leather
  • Square toe
  • Sole made from recycled plastic
  • 65 mm heel
  • Healthy feet

Handcrafted in Portugal


Regular width.

For half sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size.


Our Ankle Boot was designed with the aim of creating the perfect everyday companion for autumn through spring. It adapts to the foot while walking, ensuring exceptional comfort. The upper leather is tanned in France.


The lining leather of the Ankle Boot is uncoated, allowing it to absorb moisture effectively without exposing the foot to harmful substances. The insole is made of vegetable-tanned cow leather, which can additionally absorb sweat, keeping the feet thoroughly dry. This creates a healthy environment, preventing foot problems in the long run. Your feet will be kept healthy and happy.


Our Ankle Boot is a modern classic. Handcrafted in collaboration with a family-owned business, the minimalist design featuring a slightly squared toe and a mid-height shaft creates a contemporary silhouette suitable for both everyday wear and formal occasions.


Glein - Ankle Boots
Glein - Ankle Boots
Glein - Ankle Boots
Glein - Ankle Boots
Glein - Ankle Boots
Glein - Ankle Boots

& Production

Upper Leather  mineral-tanned calf leather from France

Our Ankle Boot is crafted from the finest French calf leather.

We only use raw hides that are by-products of the food industry. Tanning in Europe ensures fair working conditions, controlled use of chemicals and wastewater, as well as short transportation distances.

Find out more about our leathers in our Guide here.

Lining  leather vegetable-tanned goat leather from Spain

The lining leather remains in its natural state, entirely untreated and undyed. This allows it to effectively absorb moisture and ensures healthy feet.

Handcrafted  in Portugal

They are produced in collaboration with a Portuguese family-owned business that has been specialized in crafting high-quality women's shoes for decades. The workshop is located near Porto in northern Portugal and currently employs around 60 employees.

Sole  made from recycled plastic

The sole is made from recycled plastic. It adapts to the foot during use and provides a comfortable step.

Dustbag  handmade in Italien

The boots come with a dust bag made of 100% undyed, unbleached organic cotton. It is screen-printed in Italy and hand-sewn.

& Care

Dirty leather should initially be brushed or rubbed in its dry state. If the dirt seems to be stuck, a damp cloth or a slightly moistened brush can be used. Don't opt for soaps or solvents.

After removing the dirt, the leather should be allowed to dry slowly at room temperature. Wet shoes should never be placed on a heater or exposed to direct heat. Otherwise, it might harden and lose its suppleness. Once the leather is clean and dry, it can be treated with a leather conditioner.

Excessive shoe care is not recommended. Too many products can seal the surface, preventing the leather (and consequently the foot) from breathing. We recommend caring for the shoes once a month.