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Brushed Cotton Pants Women

98 €





  • Brushed twill
  • Soft feel

  • 98% organic cotton

  • 2% elastane

Handmade in Istanbul

Soft chinos

in a straight, slightly tailored cut. Cotton is a durable and skin-friendly natural material. Because the fabric is brushed, our chinos are particularly soft. 2% elastane ensures that the fit keeps over time. The material density of 265g/m2 was selected so that these trousers can be worn comfortably all year round.

Like jeans,

the front pockets are oriented upwards, so that nothing can fall out while you are sitting. The leg hem is finished with a blind stitch for a minimalist finish. Since this is an area with much wear and tear, it is additionally reinforced with a bar tack on the inside.


Glein - Brushed Cotton Pants Women
Glein - Brushed Cotton Pants Women
Glein - Brushed Cotton Pants Women
Glein - Brushed Cotton Pants Women
Glein - Brushed Cotton Pants Women
Glein - Brushed Cotton Pants Women
Glein - Brushed Cotton Pants Women
Glein - Brushed Cotton Pants Women
Glein - Brushed Cotton Pants Women

& Production

Shell brushed twill

The outer fabric is twill with a density of 265g/m2. Once woven it is brushed to create a particularly comfortable feel. It's made from 98% organic cotton from Turkey and 2% elastane for general shape retention. The yarn is spun and woven in Turkey.

Certified organic cotton uses significantly less water than conventional cotton and is better for the soil because it is cultivated in alternating cultures. Only natural fertilisers are used to ensure that no questionable chemicals end up in the soil, or in the cotton itself. The farmers are paid fairly and are financially secure in the event of crop failure.

Handmade in Istanbul

We manufacture our Brushed Cotton Pants in cooperation with a weaving and sewing workshop in the European part of Istanbul. It currently employs around 40 people and produces mainly for sustainable European brands.

Lining 100% organic cotton

The lining is made from 100% organic cotton and is woven in Turkey. A plain weave is durable and ensures that the pockets don't wear through.

Labels organic cotton

The labels are made from 100% organic cotton and are woven and screen-printed in Portugal.

Because there are no synthetic fibers, they can fray in the wash. If that bothers you, we recommend simply removing the label altogether..

Button corozo

The buttons are made from corozo, a natural bone-like material obtained from the tagua palm. They are made and dyed in Istanbul. The immediate proximity to the textile production saves long transportation routes.

& Care

Wash at 30°

Iron with steam at medium heat

Dry at low heat

Do not bleach


A washing temperature of 30°C is usually sufficient, protects the fibers and saves energy. For example, a wash at 30°C uses only about 2/3 of the energy of a wash at 40°C. Washing colder not only protects the environment, but is also cheaper.

The detergent should be biodegradable. In Austria, for example, this is indicated by the eco-label. The dosage according to the packaging should be adhered to, whereby soft water (such as in Vienna) requires less detergent than hard water.

Fabric softeners should generally be avoided. Baking soda can be used instead of aggressive bleaching agents, and vinegar helps against unpleasant odours.

A large part of the energy can also be saved by air-drying the laundry instead of using an electrical appliance.