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240 €





  • Soft & weatherproof

  • Resoleable

  • Foot-Healthy

Sustainably tanned cow leather from Germany

Handmade in Croatia


Our Derby was developed with the goal of creating the perfect everyday shoe.

In order to emulate the comfort of a sneaker, we have constructed our Derby softer than is usual for conventional, high-quality leather shoes of its kind. From the sole, to the choice of leather, to the foot cap, the materials are designed for ultimate comfort. The upper leather is tanned in Germany and waterproofed during tanning. That's why our Derby reliably keeps your feet dry, even in heavy rain.


The lining leather of the Derby is uncoated. It can absorb a lot of moisture and does not burden the foot with questionable substances. The insole is made of vegetable-tanned cowhide, which can absorb sweat as well. The feet are kept dry all round. This creates a healthy climate which prevents foot problems long-term.


As our Derby has a sewn construction, it can be resoled easily by shoemakers in your area and worn for many years.


Glein - Derby
Glein - Derby
Glein - Derby
Glein - Derby
Glein - Derby
Glein - Derby

& Production

UPPER LEATHER Terracare cow leather from Germany

The upper leather is mineral-tanned cowhide according to Terracare standard. Terracare® leather is made for demanding use. It is robust, low maintenance and offers very good breathability despite its high water resistance. The leather is produced as environmentally friendly as possible. This is ensured by minimised consumption of resources and a good recycling rate.

It is manufactured by the Heinen leather factory in Wegberg, one of the last fully integrated tanneries in Germany. Heinen has been producing since 1891 in the 4th generation and is a pioneer in sustainable leather production. The raw hides come from Germany and the immediate vicinity and can be traced transparently.

Find out more about our leathers in our Guide here.

HANDMADE in Croatia

Our Derby is made in cooperation with an Upper Austrian family business that has been making robust shoes for decades, in particular for the fire brigade, police and army.

The workshop is near Varazdin in northern Croatia, about 3.5 hours drive from Vienna. Around 60 employees are currently employed there.

SOLE from Germany

The sole is made for us by Schomburg & Graf in Germany. The rubber was developed for safety shoes and offers the best traction in all weather conditions.

LINING LEATHER Ortho-organic cow leather from Germany

The lining is undyed, uncoated cow leather, which is mainly used in orthopaedics. It absorbs moisture particularly well and ensures a better foot climate than regular lining leathers. In contrast to conventional linings, it is free of chrome and other heavy metals and does not release questionable substances onto the foot.

INSOLE Cow leather from Italy

The insole is made of vegetable-tanned Italian cow leather. The leather absorbs the moisture that is released from the foot and ensures a pleasant foot climate all day long. It adapts to the foot over time and forms a particularly comfortable footbed.


The Derby comes in a practical cardboard drawer, which we designed for further use. The drawer is a variable storage unit manufactured in Austria. It can hold A4 format and the tray is reversible.

& Care

Dirty leather should initially be brushed or rubbed in its dry state. If the dirt seems to be stuck, a damp cloth or a slightly moistened brush can be used. Don't opt for soaps or solvents.

After removing the dirt, the leather should be allowed to dry slowly at room temperature. Wet shoes should never be placed on a heater or exposed to direct heat. Otherwise, it might harden and lose its suppleness. Once the leather is clean and dry, it can be treated with a leather conditioner.

Excessive shoe care is not recommended. Too many products can seal the surface, preventing the leather (and consequently the foot) from breathing. We recommend caring for the shoes once a month.


The Derby is a high-quality, flexibly sewn shoe. If necessary, it can be re-soled by local shoemakers after a few years. If you desire the original sole, you can purchase it in our web-shop.